Saturday, November 20, 2010

Meaning of nostalgia...

Today I was thinking about the best definition for the word nostalgia ...
Miss somewhere? Miss any special moment? To miss the family? To miss someone special? Or maybe just to feel a tightness in the heart ...

Only we feel this unexplainable feeling from the moment we are apart of it.

Everything is very obvious from the moment we're in our comfort zone, knowing that any moment we can approach the place to be beside the family and loved ones.

But from the moment we left this comfort zone that we felt such a longing. In this situation even the "good days" we used to hear when you wake, coming from someone that we love is missing.

We supply this lack since we are sure that soon we can reconnect with someone or somewhere. But this is not always possible. Sadly missing are some eternal and we must be strong enough to understand and overcome them.

Miss the person you love ... The real hug, friend's shoulder when we have difficulty and advice to overcome and evolve.

Nostalgia not only of people and places, but also a season with good events. Unforgettable moments you conquer something valuable. Moments when you give a great jump and people applaud ... Times when parents are proud of their children by conquest, the victory and success.

Anyway, nostalgia is a feeling that empowers us to make everything better. For we know that people have missed us, certainly hoping for our success.

Despite trying to interpret as best as possible the meaning of it, and the only real thing I feel at the moment is the lack of many good things of the past. Such as the places I've lived and people I love...

But I have the consciousness that the show must go on ...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mixing Cultures in Australia!!

Hello my friends! How are you? Long time that I don't describe nothing here.
Nowadays I was very very busy with my studies, and just few minutes ago I had my final test of the english course. I was afraid and was shaking like a jelly... hahahaha... But finally I finished that. It's very strange to feel this kind of student emotions again, after long time without school test and exam.

Whatever, I was thinking about what could be the next title of my blog... After 4 months in Australia I perceived some details about Aussie culture.
Starting for the opened time of the commerce. I have several difficulties here, because I'm full time busy with the studies and job. I have free time to buy something only in weekends or at night. Unbeliveble, but the commerce here stay oppened until 5:00pm only! What the hell is this?? They don't understand that most of customers can go in theirs stores only after work time. And It's usually at night, after work time, right?

In Brazil 99% of the commerce are opened until 11:00pm, because they know that most of the customers want to buy something or have time only at night. Do you thing that Brazilian people is donkey? Definetely not! When the issue is "money" they are very experts to take advantages for theirselves.

Other interesting issue is about foods here. When you ask me about foods in Australia, I really don't know how to say. Here you can find lots of differents foods of all around the world. Chinese food, Japanese food, Vietnamese food, Italian food... etc. But usually they are adapted to Aussie taste. Not only the flavor, but how to eat also. For example, you can find some strange people eating fried rice with chopstick! Believe me!! It's totally impossible! And what about eat desert before the main dish? Hahaha... Strange, but funny!

Here you must to drive car in the right seat. Opposite to Brazil. My first drive time my right hand was going automatically to right side to change the gear! Worse than this, the street way is oposite also! Some times I forgot that and I had some dangerous situation, going to the opposite way! But now, I'm already accustomed to drive here.

Finally, I feel that Australia is becoming to be my second nation. An easier country to live and with friendly population to live together. But, Brazil is Brazil. And I'm missing a lot my family and my friends from there.

Carry on man!! Only 1 year and 8 months more living with kangaroos and koalas... hahaha!!

Thanks for your presence here in my blog and see you soon!