Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Music and feelings...

Hi everybody!! What's up?? Everything fine?? I'm still alive... Don't worry, ok? hahahaha...
My last posts here was a bit sad. I was always talking about my difficulties here, but today I'll write something more interesting.

As most of you knows, I am a music lover! Yeah! Music is in my blood since when I was a child! My friends always ask me what kind of song i can sing... Well, when I'm drunk, i can sing everything! hahahaha...
But basically i can sing english songs, japanese songs em brazilian songs. Of course I have some preferences about music styles! And let's take a look what kind of song we can find here in Australia.

Australia is a multi-cultural country. you can see people from everywhere!! Lot's of Chinese and Indian people here. Sometimes you can see Japanese, Korean, African and people from South America as well. Influences from different country came to Australia and the musics here is exactly in the same situation.

When you are walking in the Melbourne city, you can see people busking at the streets. The Victorian Governement encourage people to the artistic world! it's really incredible. Things that I never saw in Brazil. Few time ago, I was walking in Melbourne city and looking for some good talents performing at the streets. Most of guys were there just for make fun. But a couple of singers really attracted my attention. They were a couple of asian background (not sure if they were Chinese or kind of this, but anyway). The gentleman was playing accoustic guitar and singing backing vocal. the lady was the main vocal. Lots of people there listening their song. they were performing Jason Mraz's music "I'm yours". It was really nice and technically very well singed.

But, teenagers usually prefer to go to some club to dance electronic songs. In my opinion it's not bad, but after start my band and learn a lot of quality of music, this kind of electronic dance song is not my kind of song anymore. Except when I'm drunk... hahaha

Here we can find lots of excelent pubs and bars with live band performance. Now we are talking about my type of song! Lots of excelent musicians specially here in Melbourne. Bands performing rock, jazz, blues, pop, soul, classic and lots of another style of songs. This kind of song we can feel the real quality of good compositions and lyrics.

Let's talk about feelings, related to music. You can understand people emotions looking what kind of song they are listening. With friends in a happy environment people usually are listening happy and fast songs. But when something wrong happen they are usually listening some sad song or something more romantic, isn't it? Sometimes when we don't have the right answer to determinated situation, we can find confortable words in music. It is true.

Most of my friends in Brazil has the wrong image of my life here in Melbourne. Everybody, everytime ask me things like "Are you enjoying the beaches? What about the aussies girls?" And both questions I don't know the answer, because I'd never enjoyed that. Because of this, most of the songs that I have listening here is a bit sad or with inspirational lyrics. In a hard life environment inspirational songs are always welcome to give us energy to still fighting!

But for you... What is a good music? Is it a music with good rhythm only? Or do you appreciate songs with good composition, good lyrics and of course a good vocal technic?
Few time ago I had this discussion with a friend. He told me that doesn't matter if the singer is technically good or not. the most important is if the singer is singing with passion or not. In the beginning i had my doubts about that. But thinking better, it is true. the secret of a good singer is about sing the song with emotion, with full power, feeling word by word of composed song.

Everyday I'm posting "Today's song" at my Facebook. I hope all of you enjoy that. And it's directly related to my daily emotions, what I'm feeling or what I want to feel...

Well, that's all for today!!
In Brazil we have a popular sentence: "Who sings drives away the bad things". I'm still singing, under the shower, in my bedroom and in karaokes with friends. But i hope soon back to the stages with my band, cause... THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!

Cheers and take care!!!

Today's song...


Friday, August 12, 2011

Inside the train

Hello my friends!! How are you going?? Yeah, I know that it's a long time without writing something here... As I told you before, my life still crazy here in Australia, without time to take a time to write... But, anyway, I'm here and have lots of news to share!

You may be thinking... "What is this title?? Inside the train?? What it mean??". Actually, it means a lot and I'll explain you.

I chose this title because is inside the train that I have time to think in everything what is happen in my life now. Is inside the train where I can take a good nap in this crazy busy life and is inside the train that I can listen my prefered songs and remember the good times when I had a better life in Brazil.

It was yesterday when I was inside the train backing to my house from my part time job that I was thinking how my life changed here. 2 weeks before, my friend and ex-housemate returned to Brazil and I had to move to another house. Now I'm living in a share house with 6 housemates.

Since 1 month ago I started to work at weekends as well. Yeah my friend... For people who thinks that study and work in another country without our parents support is easy... They are mistaken! Unfortunately I can't find a job in my area because I'm studying full day and I can work only at nights.
My weekly routine is: Monday to Friday school all day and part time job like a waiter in a restaurant at nights. Saturday and Sunday working in a car wash from 10am to 5pm. In another words, it's massive and very produtive life.

I'm still learning a lot here, mainly the value of humility. Before I was an executive in a multi-national company and had a team to manage. Now I am a lowly waiter in a restaurant with five managers above me in one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. And on weekends I wash hundreds of cars at the car wash near my house.
Obviously, I'm working hard because I need money to survive here. But on the other hand, I'm learning to be more understanding, more patient, and also have more respect for people around me. I'm growing in general. And that is my main goal here.

Last month I completed 1 year of Australia. The time passed unbeliveble fast!! I still have another year of learning here in Australia. I miss the people I love most and that is across the world. This is the biggest pain I feel right now. But nonetheless, I believe nothing in life happens by chance. To realize my dreams I have to go through this situation to learn more and more and be a better man every day.

As I always say ... "The show must go on!"

A big hug to all of you and thank you for visiting my blog!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The true value of a family...

For some people, family is nothing more than people who live in the same house and has the same blood.

But family is much more than this. For me, family is reason to live ...
My family is a family of very humble origins. My father's family, is a family who left Japan after the World War II and which had no financial conditions to live and immigrated to Brazil with a dream to make money and return to the country of origin.

On the other hand, my mother's family also of humble origin, immigrated to Brazil before World War II with all economies to realize the dream of starting their own business success.

And I recognize how hard it was for them to start with zero and reach the comfort that they have today. This is not about financial comfort, but a happy family.

My father, my mother, my sister, my brother in law and my niece complete my family today. Each with their qualities and faults as any human being should be. Every moment I was beside them were special. From the small details of everyday life until the great achievements. In other words, from simple "good morning!" until "we achieve!"

Nowadays I thought of some important facts of my life I will never forget. When starting on the day that my father had financial problems and had to travel as a "dekasegi" to Japan for 6 years. It was one of the most difficult times of my life. Times in which luxury goods were mere dreams.
It was at this time I had my first job at age 13 when I started working as a sales promoter of a country club titles in a gas station, working Monday to Monday and studying at night.

At that time, one day I was walking along the Avenida Paulista (one of the main avenues in Sao Paulo). I was looking for the men in suits with briefcases walking on sidewalks and decided that one day I want to be a successful executive wearing a suit walking down the main streets of the city as well.

Many things happened after this decision. I worked in various professions such as low-level office boy, cleaner, professor of Japanese language, cook. And at all times, no matter how difficult that was, I always had the support of my family, which motivated me to strive to the fullest, always helping people around me to do good things without wanting anything in return, and especially the importance of people who suffered most are the ones that most deserve to be happy because these are people who really know how valuable is all things exist in the world.

A phrase from my mother that I remembered very recently because of the difficulties that I have now is: "My son, life is a school. As much as you know many things, you must continue learning forever”. And I fully agree with her that is an example of effort, dedication and understanding.

In a season of many revolts in my adolescence, my parents left for Japan in search of funds. At that time I was away from my parents who have always been my advisors for hard times. But then, I had my sister, who I consider one of the people who helped me and inspired me to fight for my dreams. I remember like yesterday: "Our trend is just to improve. We are studying and working hard and I'm sure things will improve! We have to believe!" This is a priceless value and I will carry with me forever.
I am living in Australia in exactly 10 months after leave my family and my country. I began to think more about everything that happened in those 31 years of my existence.
I'm always trying to be shining with a smile on my face, but this does not mean that I have always been happy and that everything was always easy to be what I am today. Behind this smile, there are many tears, many losses, many mistakes that nobody ever saw and nobody will ever see.

I grew up and matured. Even with all the difficulties of humble life, every moment I've always had the support of my family. I conquered dreams that seemed impossible, like use a suit and tie and walk on the Avenida Paulista and work in large companies.

Now the challenges are even greater. I came back as a very humble life, across the world, aiming to improve my professional knowledge and studying abroad with the greatest difficulties: Stand back away from the people I love most and that despite the distance, I'm sure that they are rooting for my success ... My family.

And I'm still learning that life is a school and that trend going forward is better in every way, always doing my best and always believing that the family is my reason for living.


Friday, January 14, 2011

When someone leaves this world ...

The subject of today will not be so excited. I was talking with a friend and she told me she lost a great friend today, this friend was a young man of 26 years, Victims of cancer. And she said, the pain is very strong because, apart from being very young boy, never had health problems before.

After reading the story, the feeling was so strong in me, I decided to write about it, the loss of a loved one and continue on living. I have extensive experience in the subject, people close to me who left were some uncles and distant relatives.

It is very difficult to overcome that situation. To say goodbye to those people who we love and who have lived together for some time, which is part of our life, who taught us many things, including live is a supernatural task. It's hardly seems fair to ask that a child who loses both parents, or worse, parents who lost a son. But this is life. And so we must learn to live. Death is also a part of the human rule.

But for those who are alive, life must go on. The pain, the missing, the feeling, maybe even the trauma will remain for some time. It may take years to get over it. But we can not forget those who are still having a life, they still having people around who love them and sometimes depend on it. So, we can not give up, never.

I believe in life after death, reincarnation and all that stuff. For me, death is just a passage, a natural transition of things. With that, I believe that after they depart this world, people go to another world and can not only contact those who stay here, as they have access to what happens to them on Earth.

With that in mind, I would like to say the best way to show how much we like those who left to move forward and pursue our dreams, get everything we want and what makes us happy. First because it is what they would like us to do and second, because if they're looking us, for sure will be very happy. It is the cause to be proud of ourselves that are not physically with us. You show them who we become, and all glads to them. You make them feel proud of being part of our lives. And they wait anxiously for the day we re-meet again.

The best way to react to death is living. Living and keep achieving the dreams, making wishes and be happy. None of this will stop the pain and emptiness feeling, nothing will kill the homesickness, but rest assured we are doing what we did would surely give an impetus and a relief, however small.

Do not want to go into the merits of their beliefs or religions, I think each one has your choices like politics, soccer and women. And the view of life is beyond any belief.

Show must go on!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Take care and see you soon!