Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas and New year...

Hello mates!! How are you going?? Thanks for coming here in my blog again!

Finally we're near the end of another year. Time that everyone stops to think and reflect about the facts, the accomplishments and the lessons they had during the whole year.
For some people the year may be considered a year of many accomplishments and a lot of evolution. As for some might not have been a year as planned earlier this year.
But with time we learn that nothing happens in this life without reason. And all the unwanted facts we had, just come to evolve.

2010 was a year of many changes in my life. The start with the challenge of going out in Brazil and decide to live abroad to enrich my knowledge as a professional, as a person and culture.

I believe it was a perfect year for me to evolve more. Some people have praised this decision. Other people think I'm insane ... But after I complete this goal, I'll prove to everyone how important was this step.

On the other hand, I do miss the people I love, people think that special in my life who are across the world.

Sometimes I think about how my life will be in the future. After finishing school in Australia, returning to Brazil, will be that I will be a successful executive? Or starting my own business? Or even find a great opportunity in Australia and live here forever? Or maybe meet the woman of my life and decided to build a family here ...
This is a constant doubt in my mind. But, for I do not get mad, I'm letting life take me ... Taking advantage of the best way possible.

This Christmas I wish you more than a gift, you can share with your friends and relatives!
In 2011, I wish that more achievements, there is love and peace in our hearts.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My first performance with band in Australia

Hello everybody!! How are you going?
Nowadays, as I told you last time, I was little bit busy with the studies here. But I have a good new! I'm already get my certificate of english course!! Yeah!! The first step here was concluded!!

And last friday, I had the ceremony day in the school, to get this certificate. In the same day, me and other two mates made a band performance. We sang two famous cover song. The first one was "Hard days nights" from Beatles and the other one was "To be with you" from Mr. Big. We sang also a Christmas medley, including "White Christmas", "We wish you a merry Christmas" and "Dingle bells". Nothing better than sing Christmas song to finish well the course. It was really amazing and probably next year we will sing again!

I miss a lot to sing with my ex-band in Brazil. And this was a way to satisfy this desire. Maybe in the future I can start some band here... Who knows?

So, thanks so much to visit my blog! See you soon!