Sunday, April 1, 2012

When our heart beats faster...

There is nothing new to understand that when our hearts beat fast, something is going on.

There is a physical reaction when we make an extra effort with our body and also the emotional reaction when something unexpected or when something great desire already happened or when it will be close to happening.
And the answer is very simple: This person does not exist!

As a physical reaction, there is not much complexity. Just the body requires more energy than usual and accelerates heart to pump more blood around the body. But when it comes to an emotional reaction there is a lot of complexity, a result of several different situations, whether good or bad.

But let's cut to the chase. And the subject I want to talk today is love relationship. Everyone should know that I have lots of friends. Friends of all types and from different places. Some are more outgoing, adventurous. And other more shy and reserved. Each with their strengths and weaknesses.

Despite these differences, an issue increasingly common is: How to find the perfect person for a relationship?

Indeed, what is the grace of finding a perfect person? A life without challenges doesn't make the heart beat faster. There is no need to share the gains or losses and, as a perfect person does not need to be inspired and not need support to overcome difficulties. Indeed, what difficulties?

The coolest part of a relationship is that exchange of glances, that feeling of doubt whether she was interested in you or not. The time that the heart fires before the first hug, the desire to freeze that time to make the moment eternal, even having no idea of the consequences.

Until that moment happens, the best thing to do is live life intensely, with joy and pleasure. But also always be aware of the opportunities that arise because some opportunities in this life, are unique. We have to be brave and take risks. If not worked, life goes on! And we have to keep enjoying life and being alert when the heart starts to beats faster again.

Say no to discouragement. When we least expect, the heart begins to beat faster. Be positive! Be ambitious!