Thursday, September 30, 2010


Like a good brazilian, I'm a soccer lover. But, only for watch, because I play soccer very bad... When I was a child, in the primary school, the students were separate... Boys in one side and girls in other side. Usualy, boys were playing soccer and girls were playing dodgeball (in my country dodgeball is called "queimada"). In soccer team, I was always the last to be chosen and I was always the goalkeeper... For y'all feel how much I'm good to play soccer... ha ha ha...

Because of this, I chose other sports, like athletics, table tennis and volleyball. From 11 to 18 years old, I started to learn volleyball in a small association near my house. Despite my 1.70cm only, I always liked to practice this sport.

Here in Australia, the famous sports are the Australian Footy, Cricket and Rugby. I think that everyone knows cricket and rugby... But... Australian Footy?? What the f... is this?
I really dont' know how to explain you this sport. Is a mix of American Football and Soccer. The objective is to make goals, and the players can catch the ball by hands. The field is oval and the goal is made with 4 towers, without goalkeeper. Obviously this sport has a lot of rules I have no idea.
You must see... The Aussies are crazy with this footy! Take a look AFL (Australian Football League):

Below, a picture of "Footy"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weather in Melbourne

I never had been imagine that Melbourne is so cold! Winter is over, Spring started, but... Today for example is 5 degrees!!! When I was backing to home from the train station by bicycle, I swear... My hands and my face were freezing!! I was shaking like a jelly!

But, my friend told me that winter with 5 degrees is better than summer with 40 degrees... Unbelieveble, but here in Melbourne in summer, is unbearably hot! You know... If you are cold, just put a sweater, right? And, when we are hot? Strip the clothes? Hahaha... I don't think so...

Oh my God!! Please warm this weather!! I wanna go to the beach!
Take a look below the weather in Melbourne:

Monday, September 27, 2010

About my study

Now, I'm studing the ELICOS general english (level 4 for further study) at Holmesglen Chadstone campus. In first time, I had some dificults to understand the Australian english accent, but now I'm getting used to this English.

After this first 6 months I'll start the course of Advanced Diploma in Business and Management in the same School. I'm still kind of worried, because my English is not 100% yet. But I think in the end, everything will be alright!

My first transport in Australia...

In fact, in Australia many people use bicycles to get around. Thinking about it, following a suggestion from a friend, decided to buy a bike. Every day I and the "skinny" make the path: home - Laverton station, Laverton station - home. 30 minutes and 30 minutes to go back. A total of 15km of travel daily. I'm losing weight!

Below is a photo of my diary trip map and the photo of the "skinny," a Merida Speeder.

First words in my blog...

Hi everyone! This is my first time here, and sorry if I describe something wrong...

Well... The title of my blog is a little strange. but I hope with this I can tell you all how the life of a Brazilian-Japanese to be in a country like Australia!

Welcome and enjoy!

Elio Fujita