Sunday, May 29, 2011

The true value of a family...

For some people, family is nothing more than people who live in the same house and has the same blood.

But family is much more than this. For me, family is reason to live ...
My family is a family of very humble origins. My father's family, is a family who left Japan after the World War II and which had no financial conditions to live and immigrated to Brazil with a dream to make money and return to the country of origin.

On the other hand, my mother's family also of humble origin, immigrated to Brazil before World War II with all economies to realize the dream of starting their own business success.

And I recognize how hard it was for them to start with zero and reach the comfort that they have today. This is not about financial comfort, but a happy family.

My father, my mother, my sister, my brother in law and my niece complete my family today. Each with their qualities and faults as any human being should be. Every moment I was beside them were special. From the small details of everyday life until the great achievements. In other words, from simple "good morning!" until "we achieve!"

Nowadays I thought of some important facts of my life I will never forget. When starting on the day that my father had financial problems and had to travel as a "dekasegi" to Japan for 6 years. It was one of the most difficult times of my life. Times in which luxury goods were mere dreams.
It was at this time I had my first job at age 13 when I started working as a sales promoter of a country club titles in a gas station, working Monday to Monday and studying at night.

At that time, one day I was walking along the Avenida Paulista (one of the main avenues in Sao Paulo). I was looking for the men in suits with briefcases walking on sidewalks and decided that one day I want to be a successful executive wearing a suit walking down the main streets of the city as well.

Many things happened after this decision. I worked in various professions such as low-level office boy, cleaner, professor of Japanese language, cook. And at all times, no matter how difficult that was, I always had the support of my family, which motivated me to strive to the fullest, always helping people around me to do good things without wanting anything in return, and especially the importance of people who suffered most are the ones that most deserve to be happy because these are people who really know how valuable is all things exist in the world.

A phrase from my mother that I remembered very recently because of the difficulties that I have now is: "My son, life is a school. As much as you know many things, you must continue learning forever”. And I fully agree with her that is an example of effort, dedication and understanding.

In a season of many revolts in my adolescence, my parents left for Japan in search of funds. At that time I was away from my parents who have always been my advisors for hard times. But then, I had my sister, who I consider one of the people who helped me and inspired me to fight for my dreams. I remember like yesterday: "Our trend is just to improve. We are studying and working hard and I'm sure things will improve! We have to believe!" This is a priceless value and I will carry with me forever.
I am living in Australia in exactly 10 months after leave my family and my country. I began to think more about everything that happened in those 31 years of my existence.
I'm always trying to be shining with a smile on my face, but this does not mean that I have always been happy and that everything was always easy to be what I am today. Behind this smile, there are many tears, many losses, many mistakes that nobody ever saw and nobody will ever see.

I grew up and matured. Even with all the difficulties of humble life, every moment I've always had the support of my family. I conquered dreams that seemed impossible, like use a suit and tie and walk on the Avenida Paulista and work in large companies.

Now the challenges are even greater. I came back as a very humble life, across the world, aiming to improve my professional knowledge and studying abroad with the greatest difficulties: Stand back away from the people I love most and that despite the distance, I'm sure that they are rooting for my success ... My family.

And I'm still learning that life is a school and that trend going forward is better in every way, always doing my best and always believing that the family is my reason for living.