Friday, October 29, 2010

After a while...

Hello everyone! How's going?
Today I'll describe one of my favorite text, from William Shakespeare:

After a While

After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul.
And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning and company doesn’t mean security.
And you begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts and presents aren’t promises.
And you begin to accept your defeats with your head up and your eyes ahead, with the grace of an adult, not the grief of a child.
And you learn to build all your roads on today because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans, and futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight. .
After a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much.
So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to leave you flowers.
And you learn that you really can endure;
You really are strong, you really do have worth.
And you learn, and you learn
With every goodbye you learn.

See you! And thanks for your visit!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My first music show in Australia!

How's going everybody? Today I have a great new! Believe if you can... I improvised a band to play songs in December. Yeaahh!! I'll play song with other 2 friends from the same school in the day of delivery of our certificates. I'm totally exciting, because we'll play for all students of the school! Simply amazing!!!

Before coming to Australia, it was a hard question for me. Because, I left my band in Brazil and didn't know if Iif I could continue the hobby of singing with a band. But is in case like this that you can believe that nothing happens unintentionally.

Who knows if we'll be famous here? Can you believe it? hahaha...
Returning to earth, I'm very happy just by being able to sing. And hope that my ex-band is also very well.
We are deciding the songs, and probably we'll play 2 or 3 songs. I'll describe here soon.

May the force be with us! Here we go!! Uhuuu!!

Have a G'day! And thanks for your visit!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little bit about Brazil...

Hi everyone! How's going?

Many people say that Brazil is the country of the future. But I hear that phrase since I was a child! But finally today we are already in that future and did not see much improvement. Until now I still hear it. Obviously Brazil has had significant developments, but much remains to be a developed country. Unfortunately there is still much poverty and corruption, and this has as consequence a very dangerous place to live.

If we look deeply, we find things in Brazil that many other countries want, for example raw material in abundance, space planning, plenty of water. In Brazil there is no earthquake, hurricane and tsunami. Basically the best natural conditions for living.

There is a famous phrase, much used in Brazil: "We get a small Brazilian way." This means that we need not concern us much, because in the end everything is solved with an improvisation.The problem is in culture, learning, education. Brazilian people have no interest in improving knowledge. Brazilians need to learn to do well in favor of a whole, and stop thinking and acting in order to take advantage of things for himself. We must learn to do good things without wanting anything in return.

Let's see the positive things in Brazil. One thing I have appreciated much after coming to Australia, is the abundance of water in Brazil. Nobody cares about lack of water ... Brazilians take 2 or 3 showers a day. Australians usually take only 1 shower for 3 minutes, trust me if you can!

Brazilians are a happy people. A people who loves parties and more parties ... They are always very friendly and often give priority to recreation instead of obligations. Sightseeing options abound. From parks, beaches, places, bars, clubs, restaurants.

After all, I am a Brazilian and I love my country. I have Japanese ancestry, and I also like much of Japan. And now I'm starting to really appreciate this land of kangaroos and koalas called Australia! 
Thanks for your visit in my blog. I hope you enjoyed! See you soon!

Below, some pictures of "Bonito city" in Brazil...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One of my favorite song: "Boku ga boku de aru tameni (So I Can Be Myself)" from Ozaki Yutaka

How's going everyone?

Nowadays, I'm listening a good song, called "Boku ga boku de aru tameni (So I can be myself)". This song is from a japanese famous singer, called Ozaki Yutaka. You can check the music clip in this link:

Ozaki Yutaka was one of most famous singer in Japan. Unfortunately, now deceased, he give us a lot of wonderful songs, like "I love you", "15 no yoru", "Birth", "Oh my little girl" and others...

Usually, people hear and sing musics in according to their feel. For example, when people are happy, they hear happy songs... When people are sad, generally hear sad songs and stay with deep depression, or hear happy songs to buck up. It depends to the person.

In my actual life, I really don't know why, but I'm listening this Ozaki Yutaka's song, because the issue is: "How can I do from now?" And, in my present condition, I'm with some doubt about my future... I'm in deep thought about how to do after this stage here in Australia.

Below, you can check the translation of this song:

"So I can be myself"
(Ozaki Yutaka)

I let out a sigh
At this sad life of misunderstandings
But I have to keep living
In this town before my eyes
I cover my eyes when I hurt people
But everyone gets hurt when they say something kind

I have to keep winning so I can be myself
Until I know in my heart what's right
Swallowed up by the city, I'll forgive my heart a little
And in the wind of this cold town, I'll keep singing

I want to make sure one last time before we say goodbye
I loved you so much
It's not that anyone's to blame
But everyone is selfish
We lived as lovers, but all I did was hurt you
I love you so much, but I can't even tell you about tomorrow

You have to keep winning so you can be myself
Until you know in your heart what's right
Swallowed up by the city, you'll forgive your heart a little
And in the wind of this cold town, you'll keep singing

I have to keep winning so I can be myself
Until I know in my heart what's right
Swallowed up by the city, I'll forgive my heart a little
And in the wind of this cold town, I'll keep singing

Thanks for visit my blog! Have a great week!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Aussie" (Australian people)

My first day here in Melbourne, I had a shock! I was walking in the city, and I saw a lot of Asian people... Almost of theirs were talking in chinese! Sometimes I saw Indian people also.

I thought the Australians were all of European descent, but was completely wrong.

Probabily, chinese and indians are spread across all countries in the world... But here in Australia, exceptionally have a lot of them!! Sometimes it's more easier to hear people talking in chinese than english. Impressive!

To get an idea, for example in my class, 7 are Chineses, 3 Korean, 3 Vietnan, 2 Cambodian, 1 Colombian, 1 Srilankan, 1 Mauritius, 1 Indonesian, 1 Latvian and... 1 Brazilian-Japanese... hahaha... The last one is a very very funny guy!

Australia is a multi-cultural country, very similar to Brazil. A multi-cultural country has a lot of values. And with this Australia had a rich development in different areas like education, culture, industries, agriculture.
Now, Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world, with a established economy and good way of life. Because of this, here I am... To improve my skills with my "Aussie" friends.

Hope you had fun! Thanks and see you next!

Below, some pictures of my classmates and my teacher Susan

Monday, October 11, 2010

Appreciate the things you have...

I took the weekend to think a bit about my current life, compared with my life while living in Brazil.

Currently I am living here in Australia and going through many difficulties, especially when it comes to transportation and job.
Only now as I felt my life was good and plentiful while living in Brazil. Had a relatively stable life financially, I worked in a large company, I was living in a confortable flat and I had an imported car in the garage.

I also had a very comfortable life living with my parents, so that was not needed washing, ironing and cooking. It was just get home and have everything ready, warm and clean.

But now, I had a radical change in my life. At these times, learned how to be humble is important. My transportation has become bicycle, train, tram and bus. Working as a waiter with a good salary and humble have to do all household duties, besides having to track all my expenses, note for note.

I began to value more the domestic work that was done by my parents, I started to appreciate more the people who have a humble life as I have now.

I believe in life, luck never appears out of nowhere. Just the other day when I was talking to Susan (my English teacher) and she got news of a newspaper with the title: "Do you believe in miracles?".

At this point, I told her I did not believe in miracles, because my mother taught me that luck always favors who is well prepared. She fully agreed with me.

I firmly believe that this is only a stage to be overcome. The most important of all is perhaps all the learning I am getting to have a bright future. After these two years of apprenticeship in Australia, I would be very successful in Brazil or anywhere else in the world.

Thanks again for your visit! Hope you had fun reading some more about the life of a Brazilian-Japanese lost in Australia!

Below, a picture in front of Flinders Street train station.

Friday, October 8, 2010

My part time job in Australia

Hi everyone! Long time that I did'nt write here. But here I am!
To start, I have a good new! I started my first part time job here in Australia. My first day was a 2 weeks ago. I'm a waiter in a luxury restaurant with japanese fusion style, called Orita's. This resturant is located in South Yarra, Melbourne.

My first impression was that would be very easy to work with this type of job... I was thinking... "Waiter? C'mon... Probabily it will be peace of cake..."
Unbelieveble, but it's very dificult. Start with how to take the tray. You must to use your left hand to catch the tray. It's very very hard, because I have power and control only in my right hand... Oh my God!!! Other think is this restaurant is totally deluxe. Because of this, I needed to learn a lot about etiquette. In ocasion like this I can feel: "Poor people is a disgrace" hahaha...

The positive side is that I'm improving my english a lot and I'm receiving money a little.
You can read more about Orita's Japanese Fusion Cuisine in:

Below, some pictures of there. Thx for visit my blog and see you next!

Friday, October 1, 2010

One of my favorite hobbies... Music!

Yeeaahh!! Music changes the feeling! In Brazil we have a famous proverb: "Who sings, scare the bad thought!" (I don't know if it's make sense in english but...)

Alright! We have a lot of different musics styles in all around the world. And we can't discuss about this, because for each person has different preferences... Like food.

Most of my friends knows that I had a japanese music band in Brazil. Believe it if you can! The name of the band is Deai. You can visit our website:
In Deai Band, I was the vocal and it's my passion since I was a child! Everything started when my father gimme a tape with japanese musics for children.

When I was 3 or 4 years old, everyday I was watching Ultraman, Ultraseven, Spectroman, etc... They are famous japanese serial story from around 1970. This serial story, usually had a music for opening theme. And I enjoyed singing this kind of music. My passion for music started that way.

Singing in the shower every day, singing karaoke with friends, singing in the car... That addiction was growing. Still can not believe my parents never complained about the noise I made ...

When I was 11, my father again gimme my first tape of japanese pop song, with the band The Checkers (a success band from 80's). And after this I discovered several types of music, since pop/rock until samba/pagode. I confess that this season, I hated samba and pagode...

After several years, with the band, I learned that a good musician can never be prejudiced. All types of music have their strengths for success. So I try to understand and apply these strengths in my band.

Here in Australia not yet had the opportunity to sing or appreciate the music better because of the rush of work and studies. But hopefully soon be able to enjoy this most pleasant addiction, which transforms feelings in happiness.
Soon, I'll be post more about music here. Thank's for visit my blog! Seeya!

(Below, some pictures of my band, Deai)