Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Music and feelings...

Hi everybody!! What's up?? Everything fine?? I'm still alive... Don't worry, ok? hahahaha...
My last posts here was a bit sad. I was always talking about my difficulties here, but today I'll write something more interesting.

As most of you knows, I am a music lover! Yeah! Music is in my blood since when I was a child! My friends always ask me what kind of song i can sing... Well, when I'm drunk, i can sing everything! hahahaha...
But basically i can sing english songs, japanese songs em brazilian songs. Of course I have some preferences about music styles! And let's take a look what kind of song we can find here in Australia.

Australia is a multi-cultural country. you can see people from everywhere!! Lot's of Chinese and Indian people here. Sometimes you can see Japanese, Korean, African and people from South America as well. Influences from different country came to Australia and the musics here is exactly in the same situation.

When you are walking in the Melbourne city, you can see people busking at the streets. The Victorian Governement encourage people to the artistic world! it's really incredible. Things that I never saw in Brazil. Few time ago, I was walking in Melbourne city and looking for some good talents performing at the streets. Most of guys were there just for make fun. But a couple of singers really attracted my attention. They were a couple of asian background (not sure if they were Chinese or kind of this, but anyway). The gentleman was playing accoustic guitar and singing backing vocal. the lady was the main vocal. Lots of people there listening their song. they were performing Jason Mraz's music "I'm yours". It was really nice and technically very well singed.

But, teenagers usually prefer to go to some club to dance electronic songs. In my opinion it's not bad, but after start my band and learn a lot of quality of music, this kind of electronic dance song is not my kind of song anymore. Except when I'm drunk... hahaha

Here we can find lots of excelent pubs and bars with live band performance. Now we are talking about my type of song! Lots of excelent musicians specially here in Melbourne. Bands performing rock, jazz, blues, pop, soul, classic and lots of another style of songs. This kind of song we can feel the real quality of good compositions and lyrics.

Let's talk about feelings, related to music. You can understand people emotions looking what kind of song they are listening. With friends in a happy environment people usually are listening happy and fast songs. But when something wrong happen they are usually listening some sad song or something more romantic, isn't it? Sometimes when we don't have the right answer to determinated situation, we can find confortable words in music. It is true.

Most of my friends in Brazil has the wrong image of my life here in Melbourne. Everybody, everytime ask me things like "Are you enjoying the beaches? What about the aussies girls?" And both questions I don't know the answer, because I'd never enjoyed that. Because of this, most of the songs that I have listening here is a bit sad or with inspirational lyrics. In a hard life environment inspirational songs are always welcome to give us energy to still fighting!

But for you... What is a good music? Is it a music with good rhythm only? Or do you appreciate songs with good composition, good lyrics and of course a good vocal technic?
Few time ago I had this discussion with a friend. He told me that doesn't matter if the singer is technically good or not. the most important is if the singer is singing with passion or not. In the beginning i had my doubts about that. But thinking better, it is true. the secret of a good singer is about sing the song with emotion, with full power, feeling word by word of composed song.

Everyday I'm posting "Today's song" at my Facebook. I hope all of you enjoy that. And it's directly related to my daily emotions, what I'm feeling or what I want to feel...

Well, that's all for today!!
In Brazil we have a popular sentence: "Who sings drives away the bad things". I'm still singing, under the shower, in my bedroom and in karaokes with friends. But i hope soon back to the stages with my band, cause... THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!

Cheers and take care!!!

Today's song...