Friday, January 14, 2011

When someone leaves this world ...

The subject of today will not be so excited. I was talking with a friend and she told me she lost a great friend today, this friend was a young man of 26 years, Victims of cancer. And she said, the pain is very strong because, apart from being very young boy, never had health problems before.

After reading the story, the feeling was so strong in me, I decided to write about it, the loss of a loved one and continue on living. I have extensive experience in the subject, people close to me who left were some uncles and distant relatives.

It is very difficult to overcome that situation. To say goodbye to those people who we love and who have lived together for some time, which is part of our life, who taught us many things, including live is a supernatural task. It's hardly seems fair to ask that a child who loses both parents, or worse, parents who lost a son. But this is life. And so we must learn to live. Death is also a part of the human rule.

But for those who are alive, life must go on. The pain, the missing, the feeling, maybe even the trauma will remain for some time. It may take years to get over it. But we can not forget those who are still having a life, they still having people around who love them and sometimes depend on it. So, we can not give up, never.

I believe in life after death, reincarnation and all that stuff. For me, death is just a passage, a natural transition of things. With that, I believe that after they depart this world, people go to another world and can not only contact those who stay here, as they have access to what happens to them on Earth.

With that in mind, I would like to say the best way to show how much we like those who left to move forward and pursue our dreams, get everything we want and what makes us happy. First because it is what they would like us to do and second, because if they're looking us, for sure will be very happy. It is the cause to be proud of ourselves that are not physically with us. You show them who we become, and all glads to them. You make them feel proud of being part of our lives. And they wait anxiously for the day we re-meet again.

The best way to react to death is living. Living and keep achieving the dreams, making wishes and be happy. None of this will stop the pain and emptiness feeling, nothing will kill the homesickness, but rest assured we are doing what we did would surely give an impetus and a relief, however small.

Do not want to go into the merits of their beliefs or religions, I think each one has your choices like politics, soccer and women. And the view of life is beyond any belief.

Show must go on!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Take care and see you soon!

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