Friday, August 12, 2011

Inside the train

Hello my friends!! How are you going?? Yeah, I know that it's a long time without writing something here... As I told you before, my life still crazy here in Australia, without time to take a time to write... But, anyway, I'm here and have lots of news to share!

You may be thinking... "What is this title?? Inside the train?? What it mean??". Actually, it means a lot and I'll explain you.

I chose this title because is inside the train that I have time to think in everything what is happen in my life now. Is inside the train where I can take a good nap in this crazy busy life and is inside the train that I can listen my prefered songs and remember the good times when I had a better life in Brazil.

It was yesterday when I was inside the train backing to my house from my part time job that I was thinking how my life changed here. 2 weeks before, my friend and ex-housemate returned to Brazil and I had to move to another house. Now I'm living in a share house with 6 housemates.

Since 1 month ago I started to work at weekends as well. Yeah my friend... For people who thinks that study and work in another country without our parents support is easy... They are mistaken! Unfortunately I can't find a job in my area because I'm studying full day and I can work only at nights.
My weekly routine is: Monday to Friday school all day and part time job like a waiter in a restaurant at nights. Saturday and Sunday working in a car wash from 10am to 5pm. In another words, it's massive and very produtive life.

I'm still learning a lot here, mainly the value of humility. Before I was an executive in a multi-national company and had a team to manage. Now I am a lowly waiter in a restaurant with five managers above me in one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. And on weekends I wash hundreds of cars at the car wash near my house.
Obviously, I'm working hard because I need money to survive here. But on the other hand, I'm learning to be more understanding, more patient, and also have more respect for people around me. I'm growing in general. And that is my main goal here.

Last month I completed 1 year of Australia. The time passed unbeliveble fast!! I still have another year of learning here in Australia. I miss the people I love most and that is across the world. This is the biggest pain I feel right now. But nonetheless, I believe nothing in life happens by chance. To realize my dreams I have to go through this situation to learn more and more and be a better man every day.

As I always say ... "The show must go on!"

A big hug to all of you and thank you for visiting my blog!


  1. Yoo gambatteruna!! Maji de gambatteruna! Sugee keiken daroona... omae mo sugee benkyoo shiterundarooyo! Gakkou toka dake janaku, jinsei no benkyou! Demo mada mada hanbun, korekara mo omae ga don don dekai yatsu ni natte, rainen kaette kuru koto wo shinjiteruze!!

    from Mr. Children - "Any"
    "Ima boku no iru basho ga sagashiteta no to chigattemo
    Machigai ja nai kitto kotae wa hitotsu ja nai
    Nandomo te wo kuwaeta yogoreta jigazou ni hora
    Mata juunishoku no kokoro de suki na haikei wo kakitashite yuku ... Sono subete shinjitsu."


  2. Erinha, que saudades de vocêeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Como a Rumi disse, você é um guerreiro!!!!
    Gambate ne....