Saturday, January 7, 2012

What I learned and still learning...

Hi guys! How's going? (This is absolutely australian way to make a greeting!!)
I think that today I'm inspired enough to right something in my blog. Anyway, appreciate your visit here.

Time goes by so fast... Unbelieveble, but I have only half year here in AUS. And I have lot's of thinks to write here, but if I decide to write everything, it will takes too many time. And how much more I learn, I feel that I don't know nothing... It's a strange sensation...

Recently I was thinking a lot about enjoy my life as much as possible. Every day I see my friends messages on Facebook and I always see messages like "Today was a wonderful day with my friends!" or "The trip was amazing" or "Today was the shopping day and I bought lots of desired thinks". Everyone have their own happiness and it has to be respected.

Every week lots of friends call me to invite to go somewhere to drink, or to go to a club or to a trip or kind of this. And my answer usually is "NO". And lots of people can't understand why. Sometimes they make complaints about that. And obviously I agree and I can understand. Sorry my friends... But I have priorities, plans and I don't have my parents sponsor to pay my costs here.

But the true is... What is the reason to students leave their countries to study in overseas? Take a deep breath and think...

Talikng about the title of this post, in this 1 and half year of journey in AUS I learned more than 10 years of my life before. I learned that time goes by so fast and every single moment of our life should be used in the best way as possible in a property way.
-When we are working we should do our best.
-When we are studying we have to learn as much as possible because it will be a part of your knowledge to help you in your career (if you don't have a career planed, it's time to think about that, or it will be too late).
-When you decide to make fun with friends, forget all of your problems and enjoy the moment.

Every single task has the property way, time and place to be done.

Another interesting subject is about dream. 1 week ago, I was having a casual talking with a friend and I told her a bit about my dreams. Such as fincancial success, successful career, to make a happy family, and to inspire people around me with my behaviour. And that time I was surprised, because she told me "Good for you, because you have dreams".

Based on this my question is... How can a person doesn't has dreams???????? And after a while, I learned that some people have dreams, but they forgot it because the problems are too many. And the result of this, is an average life... Without big emotions and great achievements.

I'm still learning that everything what comes easily, goes easily.
Everything what comes hard, with lots of hard work, will stay forever with us. That's why I'm always doing my best in every task. In the school, in the job, in the life... I strongly believe that all of my dreams will come true. Doesn't matter how long I have to fight, how long I have to live this hard life without time to make fun, thinking only in studies and work.

But in a near future (I hope so) I'll tell you another history. I'll tell you  "...because of that hard life I learned a lot and now I realized most of my dreams, now I can make fun with friends and I'm enjoying my life as much as possible".

Only half year more... Now I'm a bit sad. Everyday my feeling is to go back to Brazil to meet my family and friends. And of course to have my previous lifestyle back, such as a business executive without financial problems. But in the same time something tell me that half of my heart belongs to Melbourne. And I feel that in a near future I'll be back. Tomorrow never knows...

My post today was a bit serious, I know... But I hope there's some value added to each of you to always do your best! Because it's worth.

Thank you for your reading and see you next time!


  1. really nice! good luck and gambatte!! =0)

  2. I am so proud of you, my brother Elinho.... miss u so much...